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Shoulder & Upper Arm Guard

Shoulder & Upper Arm Guard

SKU: CG269-1


Public Order Shoulder & Upper Arm Guards (pair)

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This product is designed to provide protection without impeding the movement of the body against the risk of injury that could be caused by missiles thrown or skated, strikes by batons, poles or bars, kicks, punches and catapulted missiles that may be used against officers in operational or training scenarios.

Level 2 Guards have been shown to resist displacement from limbs and torso to a level beyond that required by BS 7971-4. They have been assessed for comfort when worn for extended periods of time, ease of donning and any restriction to normal movement during physical activity and have been shown to have an excellent ergonomic score for
the requirements of BS 7971-1.

The CG269 Shoulder & Upper Arm Guard is designed to be worn as a separate item for use with a tactical or ballistic vest or in conjunction with the CG100 Chest & Back Protector and
provides a high degree of protection to the upper arm, shoulder and collar bone area whilst giving a high degree of flexibility.

Chiltern Global Public Order Guards Info Sheet

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 25 × 25 cm

Short, Regular, Long, Extra Long

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